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The Institute for Spatial Development (hereinafter the Institute) was established in 1994. It is a government department established by the Ministry for Regional Development of the Czech Republic.

The purpose of the establishment of the Institute for Spatial Development is the provision of professional background and assistance during the practising of all competences that the founder is responsible for.

It operates in the fields of spatial planning, regional policy, housing and housing policy, development programmes of regions and municipalities of the Czech Republic.

In the above mentioned fields, it is the only institution of its kind in the Czech Republic.

According to its character, the work of the institute can be divided into permanent activities, thematic tasks and publishing activities.

Permanent activities

Permanent activities constitute the basis of the institute´s work and this involves e.g.:

  • Management of a specialised library for the needs of both the Institute and the public, i.e. monitoring and supplementing of specialised literature, lending, elaboration of translations and creation of the library database. The database is published on our web pages, extracts from the library database complete a periodical annex of the journal Urbanismus a územní rozvoj.
  • Edition of the journal Urbanismus a územní rozvoj (Urban Planning and Spatial Development). It has been published since 1998 for the needs of government authorities, public administration, and professional public. The reviewed journal is issued six times a year.
  • Activities of the Consultation Centre regarding the Building Law for Spatial Planning Authorities, i.e. providing of consultations and methodological assisstance for spatial planning authorities within the performing of their tasks under the Building Act No. 183/2006 Coll. One of the outputs is the web application called “1000 Questions on the Building Law”.
  • Advisory services for public administration. On request, the Institute provides consultations and expert opinions on specific issues related to individual issues concerning spatial development. This activity also includes cooperation with universities.
  • International cooperation and participation of the Institute in international activities. The Institute is the Czech national Contact Point of the ESPON programme (European Observation Network for Territorial Development and Cohesion), it takes part in international professional actions, and participates in selected international projects. The Institute is mandated to carry out the activities of the “National Centre for Housing and Development of Settlements in the Czech Republic” (HABITAT Agenda - National Urban Observatory).
  • Spatial development Policy. Elaboration and updating of the national spatial planning instrument, the „Spatial Development Policy of the Czech republic 2008”. Cooperation during the fulfilment of the tasks arising from the document and the coordination of their implementation.
  • Portal of Spatial Planning. Official thematic portal of the Institute, which creates an open, continuously updated system of references to relevant information within the field of spatial planning and spatial development, arising from both the activities of the Institute, and from external sources.
  • Monitoring, data processing, web information. This group of tasks includes the “Evidence of town and country planning activities in the Czech Republic”, “Construction and technical prevention system”, “Analysis of state administration performance in building regulations and spatial planning”, “Monitoring of micro-regions”, and other.

Thematic tasks

Thematic Tasks are being elaborated according to requirements of individual departments of the Ministry for Regional Development:

  • form the professional basis for methodological instructions for application of the Building Act and its executive decrees in practice;
  • represent a part of international projects, e.g. “Common Spatial Development Strategy of the V4 Countries, Bulgaria and Romania”, or “Study on the Development of the Czech-Saxon Border Areas”;
  • represent a background for preparation or adjustment of supporting programmes – e.g. “Technical Assistance for Operational Programmes of Cross-border Cooperation for the Years 2014 –2020”;
  • represent a preparation background for strategic documents, such as “Architecture and Building Culture Policy of the Czech Republic”.

The outputs of tasks included in the part “Publishing activities“ are specialised publications, methodical handbooks, information materials and catalogues, the purpose of which is to provide necessary information and education to public administration, and both professional and non-professional public. These are provided free of charge to users determined by the contracting authority, and are mostly available on the web pages.


Address: Institute for Spatial Development, Jakubské nám. 3, 602 00 Brno
Phone: +420 542 423 111
E-mail: sekretariat@uur.cz
Internet: www.uur.cz

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